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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: Portable Document Format, or PDF for short, was developed in 1993 by Adobe Systems. The main purpose was to create a file format that would maintain fixed formatting and avoid complications with viewing files on different devices. With PDF, you can be sure that the person viewing the document will see it as it was intended to be. This advantage makes PDF perhaps the most widely-used document format in the world.
Technical Details: A PDF file is a flat 7-bit ASCII document with a fixed layout. It contains either graphic or text information and is capable to store elements in high quality while its size remains relatively small. A PDF file can be password-protected which gives you the ability to avoid unauthorized viewing and stealing of your data. You can open PDFs on every device you use without downloading and installing extra software.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
Useful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF


Extract a PDF’s page online with no extra effort on your side

How to extract pages from a PDF

It’s not uncommon to run into an issue like a large PDF file that has more content than you need. In the past, you’ve probably used third-party software like screenshot tools or image editors to extract specific pages. However, there’s a more straightforward way. Our online PDF extractor lets you save parts of a document. You don’t even need to register an account! Moreover, it’s free of charge. Read more to see how you can get specific pages separated from a PDF. 

How to extract a PDF’s page online

  1. Click the Choose File button to upload a PDF or drag and drop one into the highlighted area.
  2. Deselect the page(s) that is(are) not meant for extraction.
  3. Click Extract Now to extract a PDF’s page online.
  4. Use Download to save the file to your computer.
  5. Click on the document to open it in a new tab (if needed). 

Very often, documents are embedded on websites. To extract a PDF from a website, you can simply use the Save as... an option and select the pages you want to save individually. If you’re going to go even further, you can make good use of other features our editor has to offer. It allows you to e-sign and protect your documents, share, edit, and annotate them in a few clicks. Try it and get the most you can when working with documents.

Watch a quick video tutorial on how to extract a PDF’s page online

Let’s walk through how to extract a PDF page online in five simple steps. Simplify your work with documents and save time by using our intuitive tool. No strings attached, and no account needed. Extract a page(s) as a new file(s) in clicks.

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Thousands of users every day choose our service to extract PDF pages. Check out the comparison table below to better understand why AltoExtractPDF is the best choice.

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Combine & Reorder ✔ ❌ ❌
Extract Pages ✔ ❌ ❌
Compress PDF ✔ ✔ ❌
Rotate PDF ✔ ✔ ❌
No software downloads ✔ ✔ ❌
Cloud storage Unlimited No info No info
Price Free Free 7-Day Trial paid Free 7-Day Trial paid
Encryption and security ✔ ✔ ✔
Support 24/7/365 No info ✔
No ads ✔ ✔ ✔

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I love how easy the whole process is. The tool saved me loads of time. I can combine the option of extracting pages with any other AltoPDF operation. I am totally satisfied!



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How to Extract Pages From a PDF File

Extract the needed information from your PDFs fast and free. The solution is available from any device and has no registration or trial periods.

How to extract pages from a PDF online

When it comes to the need to extract PDF pages, using an online service is the best possible decision. You don't need to waste time installing software or learning how to use various programs. Everything is accessible right from your favorite browser; just make sure to have an internet connection.

Learn how to extract PDF files online in a few simple clicks:

  1. Open the service. Go to altoextractpdf.com in any web browser. 
  2. Add a document. Hit Choose File and upload it from your device. 
  3. Import a sample from the cloud. Click one of the cloud storage icons to upload it from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. 
  4. Start the extraction. Click Extract Now!, and wait for your file to be ready.
  5. Receive the document. Hit Download Now and define where you’d like to store your new file. Either export it back to the cloud or download it to your PC. 

The whole process of extracting pages takes less than a minute and depends on the size of the sample. AltoPDF has all the necessary tools needed for working with files in Portable Document Format. Go to altopdf.com and find tools for merging, locking, and compressing PDFs, even extract their content, or e-sign them. Every tool found on Alto’s website is free; no need to register an account or even watch ads. Add it to your bookmarks and manage documents online easier than ever.

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How to extract pages from a PDF in Chrome

Google Chrome is more than just a browser. Its capabilities allow you to add various add-ons to track your productivity, simplify access to different services, or even brighten up a work routine by eliminating some of the wasted time usually involved. If you work with PDFs often, AltoPDF has a set of extensions that are useful for managing documents online. By using them, you'll be able to convert and merge files, e-sign documents, rotate and remove pages from PDFs, and so many other useful things. To extract a PDF’s pages, all you need is to add the AltoExtractPDF extension to the browser. 

Extract a PDF file’s pages in Chrome:

  1. Add the extension. Go to the Chrome Web Store, type “AltoExtractPDF” in the Search field, and hit the Add to Chrome button. 
  2. Launch the add-on. Find the appropriate icon at the top right of your browser and click on it. 
  3. Upload a document. Click Choose File in the pop-up-window to browse for it on your computer. 
  4. Prepare a new sample. When the file is uploaded, select the required pages, click Extract Now!, and wait for the process to end. 
  5. Save the document. Click Download Now and either download the new file or upload it back to the cloud. 

Please don't close the pop-up window during the procedure. By closing it, you’ll abort the process and delete all the data from our servers, which means you’d need to start from the beginning again. That function was added to increase data security for your documents. No third party has access to anything you upload to our platform. If you need to extract pages using your mobile device, simply go to altoextractpdf.com to extract PDF pages in Chrome. The interface is pretty much the same. Use whatever’s best for you!

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How to extract pages from a PDF in Windows

In Windows 10, you can open files in Portable Document Format in the default web browser, Microsoft Edge. However, because Windows doesn’t have any no built-in software for editing PDFs, there isn’t much you can do with them after you open them. What are your options? You can install additional software that may cost a lot of money or use an online solution that’s free. AltoPDF has a suite of document management tools that can convert, combine, split, rotate PDFs, extract their pages, and save the separate samples as new files without headache-inducing steps. 

Check the instruction below to remove any page from a PDF file in Windows:

  1. Open the extractor. Launch your preferred browser and go to altoextractpdf.com. 
  2. Upload a document to the server. Select Choose File and find it on your device. 
  3. Select the required pages. Click on each of them to select or deselect the checkbox. 
  4. Hit Extract Now!. Wait while the system separates the pages into a new file.
  5. Get the file. Select Download Now to save the sample to your device. 
  6. Try more advanced features. Select one of the offered options to open a new file in a professional editor. 

By using a free online service you don’t need to worry about paying ontime or even how much you’re spending, because you aren’t spending anything! Extract pages from PDF in Windows, macOS, Linux, or on mobile platforms in the same way anywhere you are. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Process an unlimited number of extractions without paying a penny or even leaving an email. Consider using AltoPDF for all of your online document management needs.

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How to extract pages from PDF on a Mac

One of the easiest ways to remove a page from a PDF file on a Mac is to use Preview. It’s pre-installed on all Apple computers by default, meaning, you don't need to look for it or install it. 

Extract PDF pages on a Mac by following these instructions:

  1. Open a document in Preview. Double-click on the file or right-click on it and select Open With > Preview (if other programs for viewing PDFs are installed). 
  2. Enable a Thumbnails sidebar. You can do it from the View Menu (in the top-left corner). 
  3. Delete unnecessary pages. Hold the CMD button to select pages and press the Delete button. 
  4. Save the file. Click File > Save to apply changes to your sample or use the Export option to create a new one. 
  5. Check for accuracy. Open the document to make sure that it looks the way you want. 

The most important and significant advantage of using Preview is the opportunity to use it offline without any additional software. If you have a laptop, you'll be able to open a PDF, extract pages, and prepare it for further editing or viewing without being connected to the internet. Unfortunately, you won't have a laptop with you wherever you go, so consider finding a web-based tool. Try using AltoPDF and manage PDFs from any device with an internet connection. It works perfectly from both a desktop or a mobile device. No need to register an account or install software. Go to altopdf.com and check it out. You'll definitely like it!

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How to extract pages from a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the industry’s leading services for managing files in Portable Document Format. Adobe knows everything about PDFs (because it invented it), so it’s capable of delivering high-quality services. The only drawback is it can get pricey. Merge, rotate, split, extract PDF pages with Acrobat. 

Use these step-by-step instructions to extract PDF pages in Adobe Acrobat: 

  1. Open the specialized toolbar. Click Tools > Organize Pages to get access to organizing functions. 
  2. Launch the extraction option. Select Extract on the secondary toolbar. 
  3. Define the range of pages to extract. You can select them by numbers or orientation (landscape or portrait). 
  4. Customize exporting. Tick the appropriate boxes to delete selected parts from the original document or export them as separate files or leave empty boxes. 
  5. Confirm extracting. Double-check the range and hit Extract to get a new sample. 

Many options for managing PDFs are available from just one toolbar. Adobe Acrobat is a convenient program for people who work with documents every day. Still, their software requires a subscription that may be expensive for many users who don't have to work with PDFs everyday. If you’re looking for a free alternative, try using altoextractpdf.com to complete tasks like this. Its interface is straightforward, meaning you won't get lost or overwhelmed. Get started without adding your credit card information or even creating an account.

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How to extract pages from a PDF on mobile

The need to edit or manage documents often comes unexpectedly, usually when you don’t have a laptop in front of you; while you’re on the bus and sometimes even while you’re walking. Most of the services that can deal with this task work pretty well on desktops but have problems on smartphones or tablets. Extracting PDF pages doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Do it on mobile with AltoExtractPDF. 

Follow the instructions below to extract pages from a PDF on mobile:  

  1. Open AltoExtractPDF. Go to altoextractpdf.com in your preferred browser. 
  2. Upload a document. Tap Choose File to find the sample on your device or use the appropriate icon to import it from the cloud.
  3. Define content and pages. Select page thumbnails by clicking on them. 
  4. Start the extraction. Hit Extract Now! and wait while the PDF processes. 
  5. Download your document. Click Download Now to save the file to your device or export it to the cloud using the relevant cloud storage icon. 

AltoExtractPDF is the best choice for extracting PDF pages on mobile like a professional, without the professional cost. Its website and interface are entirely adaptable for any smartphone or tablet. Another significant advantage of using AltoPDF is it's free! You can repeat the process of extracting PDF pages as many times as you want/need, no restrictions or limitations. You don't even need to register. Go to altoextractpdf.com, upload a PDF, and select pages. Yes, it’s that simple! 

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How to extract pages from a PDF on iOS

iOS is a popular operating system found all over the globe. Apple really outdid themselves. WIth that said, it's not the surprise that developers always try to create native applications for iPhones and iPads. And because of that, Apple-based apps are always being developed and released, creating a plethora of online tools for document management. But how to choose the best one? We recommend extracting PDF pages with AltoExtractPDF. It’s not an app, it’s actually a web-based solution for managing PDFs from any device or browser. 

Extract PDF pages on iOS:

  1. Find the website. Open your preferred browser and go to altoextractpdf.com. 
  2. Upload a sample. Tap Choose File and browse for it on your device or the cloud. 
  3. Decide what to remove. Select page thumbnails. 
  4. Start the extraction. Tap Extract Now to begin processing your PDF file. 
  5. Get the document. Tap Download Now to save it to your device or the cloud. 

AltoPDF is a full-fledged solution for online document management. Access Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive just clicking on their icons and giving access permission. AltoExtractPDF works great for anyone needing a quick PDF fix, without daily limits. You don't even need to register an account; use the service as many times as you need. Thousands of daily users visit our website to remove pages from PDF files for free!

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How to extract pages from a PDF on Android

Almost every software developer has experience in making Android applications at some point in their career. Android is a very popular operating system and literally millions of people all over the globe use it to power their smartphones and tablets. If you need to remove a page from a PDF, you can also find an appropriate app in the Google Play Store. AltoPDF, as one of the industry’s leading services for online document management, is also present. However, for now, give our web solution a shot. It’s perfect for students, people in need of a quick fix, and for professionals who work with documents everyday. 

Extract pages from a PDF on Android:

  1. Launch the service. Open your preferred browser and go to altoextractpdf.com. 
  2. Import a document. Tap on cloud service icons to import a sample from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. 
  3. Upload a document. Tap Choose File to browse for it on your device. 
  4. Select pages. Tap on individual thumbnails to select or deselect them for extracting and tap Extract Now!
  5. Save the file. Click Download Now to save the doc to your device or to the cloud storage service of your choice. 

Thousands of daily users are already taking advantage of how easy AltoExtractPDF is to use. The interface is so straightforward, even if it was your first time using a computer, you wouldn’t have any issues. Plus, the ability to use the service without registering an account and having to log in is super convenient. AltoExtractPDF allows you to extract PDF pages quickly, easily, and for FREE.

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How to remove specific pages from PDF files?

Most programs for editing PDFs allow you to remove pages from PDF files. The main difference lies only in the convenience and simplicity of using built-in tools. AltoExtractPDF is an online solution that makes the process completely straightforward. Just upload the file, select certain pages, and export the changes as a new document.